Learning to rope

YOUTH  HORSE CAMP DATES - June 23rd- August 11th.
We recommend registering early to assure the time slot that you want!

Horse Camp Sessions for 2019
Price per week 
Meadow Vue Ranch Dates and Rates for 2019
June 23rd- June 30th
June 30th-July 7th
July 7th-July 14th

July 14th-21st​

July 21st- July 28th
July 28th-August 4th


August 4th- August 11th

Want to stay Additional weeks?We love to have your horse camp participant stay more than one week with us during the summer. To say thank you for staying additional weeks you will receive $25 off for each additional week you stay.

​Payment Plans Meadow Vue Ranch offers  payment plans to fit your needs

Option 1: Pay in full at the time of registration 

Option 2: $200 deposit and pay when you arrive at horse camp

Option 3: $200 deposit and balance due before August 31st 2019 (Aug 31st 2019 any remaining balance will be charged to your credit card)

Option 4: $200 deposit and 10 monthly payments beginning in June 2019 

Terms of payment are $200.00 (US dollars) deposit at the time of registration and balance to be paid at time of check in.(If you are staying multiple weeks that do not run concurrently then the balance of the fee is due at the first week check in for horse camp unless using a payment plan)

Rates include board and lodging, use of assigned ranch horses and equipment with instruction. Personal expenses, health and accident insurance and transportation to and from Meadow Vue Ranch summer camp are not included in this fee.

    Riding, Slipping & Sliding!

Our summer youth horse camps are designed for boys and girls ages nine through eighteen. Weekly sessions allow summer camp guests the opportunity to live on a working ranch, ride horses, work with cowboys, and handle livestock. All of our activities encourage self-confidence by learning practical skills and development of personal responsibility.  Summer camp participants will learn western horsemanship, horse care and safety. Participants learn to do drills on horseback and rodeo skills (with parental permission), such as barrel racing, pole bending, rough stock, roping and goat tying. our summer camp experience also includes cattle drives, as well as participating in our rodeos and more. On Wednesday, and Saturday evenings everyone pitches in to be a part of our Old West Bar-b-Que and Rodeo, which includes a western singer and line dancing.

    Move em up move em out!

    A look inside one our bunkhouses.

 If you would like to register for summer camp or have more questions please call Julie at (208) 589-3475.  You can now Register for Camp Online or mail your completed registration form  along with your deposit to 4668 E 100 N Rigby, Idaho 83442. ( this is the mailing address for the ranch not the physical address of the summer camp)

    Rodeo Time!

    Meeting her horse for the first time.

Sunday (Afternoon) Horse camp participants arrive after 1pm on Sunday. Upon arrival horse camp participants will meet their camp counselors and learn which bunkhouse they will be staying in for the week.  Horse camp participants are housed “dormitory-style, in single-sex bunkhouses with counselor supervision. While horse camp participants wait for other horse camp participants to check in you can get to know your fellow horse camp participants and counselors and get settled in to your bunkhouse. At 6:30pm horse camp participants will get to experience cooking their dinner over an open fire as they cook hotdogs and smores and get also eat other great ranch side dishes. After dinner horse camp participants will go over rules and expectations with the ranch staff and they will also get to know the other horse camp participants and counselors through an activity. After the rules and introductions horse camp participants will be able to participate in learning a song that they will perform at the rodeo during the week and learn several line dances. After a fun filled evening horse camp participants will go to bed at 10pm.

Monday Horse camp participants wake at 7am to start their day. By 7:30am horse camp participants will be split into two groups group one will help prepare their horses for the day by catching, grooming, and saddling all the horses for the camp. The second group will complete some small chores around the ranch such as cleaning their bunkhouses and the restrooms.  After the horses are saddled and the chores are done it is time for breakfast. After breakfast it is a very exciting time at horse camp, it is time to ride. At this point our staff will assign each camp participant the horse that they will be riding for the rest of the week. The staff assigns the horse based on the experience, age, and personality of the camp participant. After horses are assigned and equipment is double checked, we then proceed to evaluate the skills of each individual camp participant so the staff is able to identify the ability of each rider that they can receive the instruction and guidance the need based on ability. After evaluation we begin instructing the horse camp participants based on their abilities to he improve their riding skills. Through out the morning we will take a few small restroom and water breaks, but most of the time will be spent their horses. We break for lunch on the ranch at 12:30pm. After lunch time for more riding! The afternoon is spent learning more horsemanship skills through a wide variety of games and activities on horseback. During the afternoon horse camp participants also begin practicing for the mounted horse drill that the horse camp participants will preform during the rodeos on Wednesday and Saturday. Around 6pm horse activities end for the day. Horse camp participants help unsaddle and care for their horses every night. After evening chores are through it is time for dinner. After dinner those that want to learn to rope will get great instruction from on of our staff. There is an opportunity for supervised free time horse camp participants can play games, play capture the flag, get to know new friends, or shower. 

Tuesday Rise and shine at 7am the groups rotate group one will do chores and group two will help saddle.  After Breakfast time for more riding horse camp participants will practice the drill,  learn to do barrel racing and pole bending, play games on horse back such as red light green light, simon says and ribbon racing. After lunch more fun from horseback horse camp participants may be split in the afternoon to work specific riding skills based on their skill level. After the horses are put away and dinner is complete it is time to work off dinner with a little arena volleyball. Lights out at 10pm Wednesday is going to be a big day! 

Wednesday Wake up it is Rodeo day! After caring for horses and morning chores time for breakfast. After breakfast time to get back in the saddle and practice the drill and the grand entry. A few horse camp participants will be chosen to carry the flags in for the rodeo and someone will get to sing the national anthem at the rodeo. After lunch time for a little more practice of the drill and practice barrels and poles for late that night and of course there will be time for a game or two. Late afternoon camp participants will get the chance to wash a the dirt off and get cleaned up for the Rodeo & BBQ. 7pm it is rodeo time! Horse camp participants start the start the rodeo off with the grand entry and the singing of the nation anthem. They will then get to preform the mounted horse drill they have been practicing all week. After the drill some of the camp participants will get to preform again in the barrel racing, pole bending, and steer riding. After the rodeo part of the horse camp participants will help take care of their horses and the rest will help serve dinner to the guests that are at the ranch for the rodeo and dinner. After the horses are taken care of all the campers will get to sign the song that they have been practicing throughout the week. After dinner time for some music and dancing before bed camper can join in the Virginia Reel, or do a little line dancing. 10 pm Rodeo day is a long day so sleep comes easy tonight. 

Thursday 7am you are burning daylight! After the normal morning routine time to get back on that pony and ride. Thursday morning more games and practicing new skills games on Thursday may include the egg race, the water race, trail race, and much more. After lunch (depending on the week) is the normal time that the horse camp participants will get to practice their cowboy skills and help move cattle on the ranch. After an afternoon of moving cattle and another great dinner it is time for some singing. Thursday night is karaoke night at the ranch sing your favorite song or sing along with all of your friends. 10pm time for bed another fun filled Friday awaits.

Friday 7am Time another beautiful day at Meadow Vue Ranch! Breakfast is over and the horses are ready time for some more riding. Activities may include some great games, the drill, or learning more advanced horsemanship skills. After lunch if it is warm outside it might be time for a little for a slip & slide Meadow Vue Ranch style. After a nice afternoon of slipping & sliding, playing in the creek and enjoying the summer sun there may be time for a nice afternoon ride. 630pm it is dinner time on Friday that means it is time for another ranch favorite homemade pizza. After dinner horse camp participants get to make their very own Meadow Vue Ranch T-shirt and enjoy a movie and popcorn with their new friends. 10 pm time to hit the hay for the day.  

Saturday  7am time to enjoy the last day of camp if you are just staying for a week. After breakfast time to practice for the rodeo. New horse camp participants will get to carry the flags tonight and sing the national anthem. After lunch one final time to practice barrels and pole and enjoy an afternoon of fun. Saturday night is when most parents come to the Rodeo and BBQ Dinner to see what horse camp participants have learned throughout the week. 7pm time for horse camp participants to show guests from all over the world and their parents what they have learned. The rodeo is one last chance to ride with all the friends that were made over the week. After chores, singing, dinner, and dancing many campers will go home with their parents so it may be time to say goodbye to friends old & new and to make plans to stay connected throughout the year and make plans for next years Meadow Vue Ranch adventure!

Sunday (morning) A morning of rest for those campers that are left to get the opportunity to catch up on sleep. After waking up and having breakfast it may be time for more goodbyes Sunday morning is the final chance to check out for those only staying for a week of camp. For those that are staying it is a day to rest, do laundry and meet new and old friends as the next week begins!

What is different if you stay multiple weeks? Each week at Meadow Vue Ranch is a new adventure with different horse camp participants and slightly different activities. If a camper stays they will more than likely be paired with a different horse to reflect the skill the horse camp participant gained in the week before. The longer each horse camp participant stays the more opportunity to they have to learn new skills and to make new friends.  


Horse Camp

    Tuesday Night Arena Volleyball

Ready to register for summer horse camp?

 Unlike, most summer horse camps where camp participants may only spend a few hours a day riding. Meadow Vue Ranch is something different we focus on getting camp participants as much time in the saddle as possible. Besides the extra time in the saddle we are a working ranch meaning that camp participants will experience life on a real working ranch, participate in our rodeos, depending on the week camp participants may get to help move cattle, and participate in other real ranch experiences. What is a typical week of camp like at Meadow Vue Ranch?  

What to bring to Horse Camp:

western boots
tennis shoes
shirts(long and short sleeves) Western style button-up for rodeo nights
rain gear

sleeping bag

personal hygiene items


insect repellent

Handy Extras at Horse Camp
lip balm


You are welcome to bring your own riding gear to summer camp, however the ranch has plenty of good equipment for use by horse camp guests. The ranch does not require riding helmets for horse camp participants. If you would like your summer camp participant to use a helmet you are welcome to send your camper with a helmet. The summer camp does not provide helmets. 


New for 2019 summer horse camp participants will not be allowed have cell phones during camp. Any horse camp participant with a cell phone that would like to bring it they can check it into the camp at the time of check in and they may use in a special circumstance or they can us their phone to call home Thursday night. Phones will be kept in a secure location and powered off.
The ranch provides every reasonable safeguard for the health and welfare of each summer camp guest, but will not be responsible for accidents, sickness or lost articles.
No alcohol, tobacco or other illegal drugs may be brought to the ranch by summer camp guests.
Please limit the amount of candy brought or sent to summer camp.
Parent or guardian must sign the release on registration form for youth to participate in any summer camp activities.
Parent or guardian must sign additional release on registration form for summer camp youth to participate in rodeo rough stock activities.
Transportation to and from West Yellowstone Montana is available for $40.00. Transportation to or from Idaho Falls airport is available for $100.00 per guest per trip.

Meadow Vue Ranch Summer Horse Camp

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Life at Horse Camp  at Meadow Vue Ranch

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