Friend                            $1-100

     Bronze                           $100-500 

       Silver                             $500-9999 

         Gold                               $1000-4999 

           Diamond                        $5000-9999  

                Platinum                        $10,000 or more


Meadow Vue Ranch is non for profit and our mission is to allow as many children as possible to be able to experience the cowboy way of life. We understand that not everyone can afford to attend camp. So we have created a scholarship program based upon need. In order to qualify you must fill out the application below, applicant must have never attended camp at Meadow Vue Ranch, and answer the question of why you want to attend Meadow Vue Ranch. Scholarships will be awarded by the board of directors as funds are available. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund or would like more information about the scholarship fund please call (208) 589-3475 or email  

Donor Levels 

Meadow Vue Ranch Summer Horse Camp Scholarships

 Meadow Vue ranch is non profit that means every dollar we earn goes back into maintaining and improving the ranch and caring the animals. Just feeding the horses for a year costs over $20,000. Donations help us keep costs low and help make large improvements. In order to provide scholarships we must receive donations to provide scholarships. You can donate directly to the ranch below buy using the pay pal button below. All donations are appreciated and will be used to help create a great environment for all camp participants and allow new horse camp participants to experience the cowboy way of life. If you donate over $100 to the ranch or to the scholarship fund we will recognize you on our website based on the donor level below with either your name or  with you company logo. If you donate the full cost of attendance for at least one horse camp participant we will create a scholarship in your name. If you would like to make a large donation and would like an idea of what your donation could be used for and how we would recognize your based on your donation please call (208) 589-3475 or  

Scholarship Application

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Horse Camp Scholarships

summer camps meadow vue ranch summer horse camp scholarships