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Casey Park Board Member

Casey grew up on the ranch with his family and learning from his grandfather about the cowboy way of life. Casey was very active with the operation of the ranch at a young age. Casey helped with trail rides, moving cattle fixing fence and various chores around the ranch. During High School Casey wrestled, played football, and competed in high school rodeo in the saddle bronc, calf roping, team roping, and cow cutting. Casey was nationally recognized high school rodeo star. After high school Casey was on the University of Idaho Rodeo Team.  Casey received his Bachelors Degree in Agricultural System Management from the University of Idaho. After college Casey lived at the ranch full time. Casey ran the day to day operations of the ranch and helped take care of grandpa Dennis when his health failed. After Dennis passed away Casey took a management job for Basic American Foods. Casey lives in Rigby with his wife and daughter and is currently expecting another child. Casey is still very active in the operation of the ranch. He is responsible for caring for all the horses during the winter and takes care of the management of all the rodeo stock.  During the summer Casey spends as much time as he can helping out at the ranch. Casey enjoys spending time with his family at the ranch and living the cowboy dream.      

Cody Park Board Member Manager

Cody is the oldest grandson of the late Dennis Moedl. Cody grew up on the ranch spending his summer helping and learning from his grandfather. As Cody got older he took a more active role in the operation of the ranch helping manage the day to day operation of the ranch. Cody also has been cooking on the ranch since he was 11 years old. During High School Cody competed in high school rodeo and was very active in the FFA. Cody Served as the 2002-2003 Idaho FFA Association Vice President. Cody Received his Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Education from the University of Idaho. Cody has been an agricultural science teacher for the past ten years. Cody has a wife and two children and enjoys being able to share the ranch with his children. Being a teacher allows Cody to spend lots of time at the ranch during the summer and he manages the day to day operations of the ranch and does the cooking for all the staff and guests. Cody enjoys teaching horse camp participants and sharing the cowboy way of life with the many guest at the ranch.  

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Dennis Moedl Camp Founder 1938-2013

Dennis Moedl, 75, passed away of natural causes at his home at Henry's Lake, Idaho on September 10, 2013. 
Dennis was born June 23, 1938, in Idaho Falls to Elmer Moedl and Iola Lewis Moedl and was raised in Grant, Idaho. He graduated from Rigby High School, attended The University of Idaho and served in the National Guard. 
Dennis's Father, purchased what was to become Meadow Vue Ranch on Henry's Lake in the late 1940's. After Dennis's father died, he took over the day to day operations of the ranch. For over 60 years Dennis fought to preserve his way of life and protect the place that he called home. Dennis had many cowboy adventures over the years, such as trailing cattle to the ranch from the winter feeding grounds, roping a bear, breaking horses, holding an annual cow cutting event on his ranch, and working cattle in Arizona and California. Dennis was one of the last real cowboys, a character right out of an old western movie. He valued a hard day's work, a good horse, the open range, and his family. Besides raising cattle and horses, Dennis also raised a family on the ranch. 
Twenty one years ago Dennis opened up the ranch to the public. He wanted to share a little piece of the ranching lifestyle. He started with trail rides, twice weekly BBQ and rodeos, while running nearly 1000 head of cattle. Shortly after the trail rides and BBQ's started, Dennis added a summer youth program. Dennis was an expert horseman & instructor with a lifetime full of experience. Dennis loved working with camp participants. For years he spent nearly every day during the summer riding along side of the camp participants, from around the world, teaching them about horsemanship and what it means to be a cowboy. Dennis had a love for rodeo and provided rough stock for High School rodeo contests in the area. 
During the final years of his life Dennis had to slow down due to health issues, but he was still out there riding and helping the kids. Because of Dennis's hard work and never give up attitude, five generations of the Moedl family have been able to spend time with him on the ranch. Dennis's wish for the future is that Meadow Vue Ranch will be a place where future generations of his family can continue to run the ranch and guests will be able to experience a part of the cowboy way of life. 

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